Thank You, Bitcoin Traders, for Making Us Rich

Since the beginning of November 2021, whales and institutions have sold bitcoin and other cryptos. We know this because we can see their actions in the movements of bitcoins on the blockchain.

At the same time, we had at least three liquidation events—December 3, 2021, January 4, 2022, and January 20, 2022. A lot of people lost money. On top of that, some who bought from October to November 2021 sold at a loss.

A few days ago, massive overspeculation caused a “short squeeze” that pushed the market up more than 20% over just a few days.

In other words, traders crashed the market, then pumped it.

If that’s you, thank you.

An investors’ best friend

Are you a trader? Timing your buys and sells for key price levels? Watching the RSI and MAC-D for entries? Plotting resistance and support levels for entries, stop-losses, and opportunities to go short or long? Banking juicy 20% profits on a swing trade? Lurking in Telegram groups for hot tips?

I can’t tell you how grateful we are for that. We’re in this market to build long-term, durable wealth. We want to accumulate crypto at the lowest price we can and use it as its value grows. Our goal? Trade our government’s money for a stake in the financial networks of the future.

When you drive down the prices, you help us buy low. As a result, we can get in at a discount without sending the market too high, too fast.

And when the goes up, your gambling pushes it even higher. That brings more awareness, enthusiasm, and money into the market.

Most importantly, if the market goes too high, too fast, you give us the liquidity to scale out quickly without crashing prices.

Extra income, too

As a bonus, you like to borrow bitcoin, altcoins, and stablecoins to fund your bets. Usually, you pay a premium for that.

We make extra money off of our idle crypto by lending it to the people you borrow from. They give us a cut of the money they make off of you, just for depositing our tokens into their savings platforms.

Thanks to you, we can get up to 3% interest on my bitcoin, potentially more from altcoins, and 7-20% on stablecoins. Plus a little free crypto on our first deposits.

Use these referral links to get some of that free crypto while you wait for good entries or exits.

Referral Links for Savings Platforms

Great content, too

You help investors get the best prices, but you don’t stop there.

Thanks to your books, YouTube videos, and paid courses, you teach people about some of the ways markets move and some potential risks and opportunities that come from those movements.

Too often, people who enter this market think they have to time their actions instead of identifying entry and exit prices, setting good stop-losses, and applying effective hedging strategies. They buy or sell based on tweets, thumbnails, YouTube chartists, and whatever people say in public chats, instead of learning how to trade at a professional level.

With your quality advice and insights, you keep them from making decisions based on fractals, data models, or a single trading pattern on a single chart.

As a result, you help people appreciate the importance of risk management and recognize the emotional impulses that frustrate people who don’t have experience with volatile markets.

Good for bear and bulls

A lot of people are bearish now, but the moment prices go up for long enough, they’ll switch their bias in a heartbeat. Look at what happened this week!

At some point, you’ll take a long position at the right time or get liquidated on a short position, pumping prices even more.

Each new upswing brings another ray of hope for people who missed their chance to buy low. It offers validation for those who waited to enter and a sense of ease for those who dollar-cost averaged into the market highs.

And then, when you take profits or exit, you’ll bring the market back to a more natural equilibrium so people like me can accumulate for the next leg up while everybody else HODLs at a loss.

Couldn’t happen without you. Traders are the best!

Mark Helfman publishes the Crypto is Easy newsletter. He is also the author of three books and a top bitcoin writer on Medium and Hacker Noon. Learn more about him in his bio.

Originally published on Cryptowriter.

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