Mark Helfman is a Medium top writer for bitcoin and investing topics and publisher of the Crypto Is Easy newsletter. He also contributes commentary for Cryptowriter, CCN, The Startup, Blockchain News, Hacker Noon, The Innovation, and The Capital. He regularly appears among the most-viewed cryptocurrency writers on Quora, where his commentary has reached millions of readers. Presently, he is nominated for a Noonie award for Independent Tech Journalist of the Year.

His first book, Consensusland, explores the social, cultural, and financial challenges of a fictional country that runs on cryptocurrency. His second book, Bitcoin or Bust: Wall Street’s Entry Into Cryptocurrency, hit #2 on Amazon’s list of short financial reads.

Previously, Mark worked for U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and, later, H&R Block’s government relations department. He has consulted for several technology entrepreneurs and now holds a career in public service.

His insights on cryptocurrency reflect his understanding of history, politics, and economics and his experience in government, real estate, business, and private equity. He tries to keep it simple when he writes. It’s cryptocurrency. Relax and enjoy the ride!