Bitcoin or Bust: Wall Street’s Entry Into Cryptocurrency

Cogent examination of how Wall Street may shift the playing field for cryptocurrency in their favor.


Depending on who you ask, bitcoin is rat poison, an interesting technology, or a world-altering wonder-currency that will lead a revolution in finance and alter our contemporary notions of privacy, wealth, governance, and security.  

Some say it will liberate the masses from financial oppression and deprivation. Others claim it’s a ponzi scheme destined to destroy all who participate in it. 

Wall Street does not seem to care. It’s happy to make money from those who want to buy it and those who want to bet against it. 

Does this mark the beginning of a shift of cryptocurrency away from bootstrapping developers and diehard believers towards professional money-makers? Will traditional finance rekindle the speculative frenzy that blasted cryptocurrency into mainstream discourse? How will cryptocurrency change Wall Street? 

More importantly, how will Wall Street change cryptocurrency?

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