Did you know I am a verified Brave Publisher?

This means you can support me if you use the Brave Browser.

(If you don’t have the Brave Browser, get it now: Download Brave Browser.)

Once you have the browser, drop by my site and look for a triangle next to the URL, near the top of your Brave browser window. Once you tap that triangle, you can tip me. Or not, no biggie, I still recommend using the browser. It automatically blocks third-party trackers, gives you faster downloads, and your pages load a lot quicker.

Brave browser on desktop, tablet, and mobile device

You can also earn Brave’s cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token, from Coinbase using this link: Earn the Basic Attention Token.

Later in 2019, Brave expects to have its browser set up to pay you with BAT when you let companies display ads while you browse. What are your thoughts on Basic Attention Tokens and Brave?