Consensusland: A Cryptocurrency Utopia

“Consensusland answers, in a very clever and engaging way, the question of what a society running on the blockchain could look like. But really, it goes deeper than that, intertwining allegory to capture a lot of the current debate around cryptocurrency.”

—Misha Yurchenko, author, Bullish on Bitcoin

image of consensusland book

Entrepreneur Quentin Taylor takes his wife and his legal counsel to Consensusland, a financial utopia backed by a bizarre digital currency that no bank, person, or government controls. “It’s like bitcoin but better,” the locals say.

The country’s government offers to build Quentin a new headquarters and fund his company’s relocation. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime but if he accepts, he will have to give up everything he knows about business, finance, and wealth on a leap of faith in cryptocurrency and the power of “the blockchain.”

Will he take that leap?

“Entertaining and fascinating. The prose is crisp and engaging, the narrative voice confident, and the plot skillfully imagined and intelligently developed.”

Readers’ Favorite Book Review

“Unique story, realistic themes. Everything a reader would want and more—twists and turns, gripping literature, and a fast-paced story that can be read in one sitting.”

Red Headed Book Lover

“Helfman is skilled at taking esoteric concepts and making them real through characters you can’t help but root for.”

Dan Conway, author, Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire
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