Crypto is Easy Newsletter

I created my premium newsletter, Crypto is Easy, for people who want to go beyond the hype, focus on the big picture, and figure out what really matters (usually, the stuff you never hear about on Twitter or the news).

In CIE, I provide exclusive content beyond the information I publish on my website and other outlets. For subscribers, I also talk about my perspective on the markets and share my plan for this bull market.

You’ll also get my take on some promising, smaller-cap altcoins you probably haven’t heard of, as well as occasional guest posts, interviews with notable people in the cryptocurrency community, videos, podcasts, and articles you may find useful.

Whenever I get airdrops or free crypto opportunities that are easy to participate in, from legitimate projects, and worth your time, I’ll pass those along in CIE, too. So far, several hundred dollars in free cryptocurrency since mid-March, 2020.

Click the links above to learn more. I would love for you to subscribe!

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