Discord Access

I have a Discord channel.

At the moment, access is exclusively reserved for the owners of my first Mirror post, Hold This Thought. This page is intended only for those people.

When I’m ready to open this channel to a wider audience, I will publish relevant information in my newsletter, Crypto is Easy. Stay tuned!

Verification for Discord Access

The only utility for the NFT as of right now is access to the #crypto-is-easy-holders Discord channel. For instructions on the process, visit Get a Pass and View or Sell Your Pass or reach out to the Writers Dorm help desk.

Here are the steps needed to verify:

  1. After you have your NFT, head over to verify-your-pass within the Writers Dorm discussion. Then, click on the “Let’s Go” button. A message should appear prompting you to “Connect Wallet”. Clicking on this will open a new tab in your browser.
  2. At the bottom of the page you will see “+ Verify with a New Wallet”. Make sure that you are switched to the wallet that holds your collectible on your Metamask extension, then click on this button.
  3. Select Metamask. The next page will prompt you to sign a message. Click on “Sign Message” and your Metamask extension will prompt you to sign. Go ahead and sign the message.
  4. After you do that, you should get a message stating that you can close this tab and head back to Discord. On Discord in #verify-your-pass you will see the Crypto Is Easy Holder role added, granting you access to the #crypto-is-easy-holders channel.


The best way to view the NFT contract information is through Polygonscan:


Typically this page would be for users who are more familiar/curious about all the transactions or actually looking at the smart contract code to make sure it’s legit.


The best way to view the NFT visually would be on Opensea:


Here you can also list the NFT for sale if you want. Opensea supports Polygon NFTs so the process of buying/selling would be the same as Ethereum NFTs.

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