Reading List

See below for some cryptocurrency books you might enjoy. I link to the author’s website when available. You can find the books online or in your local bookstore.

I’ll update this list whenever I come across a book worth recommending.

Internet of Money (Volumes 1 and 2)

By Andreas Antonopoulos
Explores the significance of bitcoin, its uses, and its impact through a series of essays and speeches. Andreas is considered one of the top thought leaders in the cryptocurrency community.

Bullish on Bitcoin

By Misha Yurchenko

Lays out strategies to profit from cryptocurrency based on interviews with dozens of investors, traders and entrepreneurs.

Blockchain Revolution

By Alex Tapscott

Describes practical uses of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology generally.

Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire

By Dan Conway

Inside the mind of a disgruntled corporate officer who made a fortune with cryptocurrency.

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