Traditional Finance and Cryptocurrency

Read the posts below for my thoughts about the entry of traditional finance into cryptocurrency markets.

Institutional Investors and Cryptocurrency: Be Careful What You Wish For

Large investment funds will bring money and attention to cryptocurrency markets. Is that necessarily a good thing?

Bakkt Will Not Save Cryptocurrency (And You Wouldn’t Want it to)

Bakkt is about as legit as you can get. It’s also completely unnecessary and doesn’t care about your interests.

Bakkt Will Not Save Cryptocurrency—It Will Save Wall Street

Cryptocurrency is developing slowly, organically, and steadily. Bakkt won’t change that, but it might change Wall Street.

Once Wall Street Starts Telling Its Story, Everything About Cryptocurrency Will Change

Few industries have Wall Street’s money, power, and influence. Now that it has entered the cryptocurrency markets, everything will change.

Bitcoin ETF Will Change the Game, But Not the Way You’re Thinking

People think a bitcoin ETF will send prices to the moon. Maybe, maybe not—but there’s something far more significant nobody’s talking about.

Prepare for a New Wave of ICOs from Wall Street

Now that U.S. regulators allow ICOs, you can expect Wall Street to get into the act. Or shut you out.

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