Get Free Cryptocurrency

Looking for free cryptocurrency?

Be careful, this space is full of scams. Blogger Misha Yurchenko wrote a book with some tips on getting coins without getting scammed, it’s the best summary I’ve ever read and you can find it on my reading list.

I like two types of free crypto: airdrops and promotions/incentives. With airdrops, you get free tokens. With promotions and incentives, you get rewarded for using a service or app.

Will any of this free cryptocurrency ever be worth anything? Maybe. Click on the links below to learn more, and don’t stress too much if something doesn’t seem right for you. I’ll add more links as I find legit, easy ways to earn some “easy moolah” as my daughter says.

(Disclosure: I get free cryptocurrency when you participate in any of the opportunities below. Some of these projects I know nothing about—I participate because the airdrop requirements are easy. Some of these projects I use and believe in.)


You can learn more about each project on before you sign up. If any airdrops are closed or full, email me at so I can update the list.





(Note for CoinIMP: after you sign up, you have to click “BUY” on the top menu bar, then scroll down to “CLAIM.” You do not have to buy anything, this is just the way they organized their website.)

Promotions / Incentives

Follow these links for more information.

(Three free workers.)

(5% of all tips.)

($10 when you sign up.)

Stellar (Coinbase Promo)
(Up to $10 XLM for watching some very short videos.)

(Earn bitcoin while you shop.)

Metal Pay
(Get a little MTL when you send crypto or cash to friends.)

Personal Capital
($50 USD for signing up to use financial planning tools.)

(10 Notes tokens for signing up.)

A Word of Caution

Never give anyone your password or private keys. Nobody should ever ask for those, nor should you ever have to give them.

Never reuse your email or passwords. Always use unique, random passwords. I created a separate email account for airdrops, I recommend you do this, too.

Write your information on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe. Relax and enjoy the ride!